Queen Headboard - Three Amanda Panels
King Headboard - Four Amanda Panels
Three panels for a Double/Queen
Headboard with Knife Edge
Corners & buttons
Six panels for a Double/Queen
Headboard with Knife Edge
Corners & buttons.
Eight panels for a King
Headboard with Knife Edge
Four panels for a King
Headboard with box stitch
corners and no buttons.
If you are looking for a panelled look on the wall then this would be for you.  You can
display them simple with no button for a more contemporary look or add a tufted button to
dress them up with a more traditional look.  Either way it is a custom look for your room.  

If you are unsure on what size of panel to order, then it is suggested you tape out the area
where you want to hang the panels
(click for picture).  Stand back and look at the scale of
the headboard to see if it will suit your room.  Once you know the area you want to cover
you then can decide which panel size you want.  We have 7 standard sizes to choose
from so your decision should be based on budget and appearance.  

Please visit our
fabric page to see the great selection of designer fabrics we have
available.  Once you have chosen your fabric we will customize a price for your specific

All of our work is done custom per order and professionally constructed here in Canada.  
We take pride in producing a quality made product for our customers and their
testimonials are evidence of that.
King Headboard - Eight Amanda Panels
Queen Headboard - Six Amanda Panels
Amanda Panels
Designer Chic Wall Mounted Headboards & Wall Panels
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