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Deck Decorating Ideas

In this issue we will discuss ideas on how to spruce up your outdoor deck.  

Your deck should accommodate different aspects of your lifestyle, including entertainment, relaxation, and places
where the children can play.

Think in terms of how you can organize your deck space into separate areas for your different needs. Create a
sheltered nook for a quiet hideaway by using decorative screens, trellises, or planters.

If you are building a deck from scratch, consider a multi-layered design if you have the space. If that is not feasible,
changing the direction of the deck boards is an easy approach to visually carving out a separate space.

Using Colour

Using different stain colours to designate where one area begins and another ends is a great way to define space for
both new and existing decks.

You can incorporate deck colour to coordinate the transition from your home's interior to the outdoors, and as a
decorative element to create visual impact.

Benjamin Moore carries a complete line of stains, including transparent, semi-transparent, and solid colour stains.  

Lighting Considerations

Here are some illuminating ideas to keep you entertaining regardless of the hour:

  • Candles - from large stand-alone pillars to clusters of tiny tea lights
  • Lanterns - hurricane, paper, or glass
  • String lights - wrap them around nearby trees (including any potted ones on the deck), deck railings, or along
  awnings and umbrellas
  • Chimeneas - these small outdoor fireplaces are a great source for light and heat (check your local municipality
  guidelines before using one)
  • Solar lighting- place them along steps and entryways for safe stepping

Make your deck a living space that speaks to who you really are. Here are some themes and accompanying decorative
elements to get you started on creative ideas for your deck.

Nature Retreat

Create your own oasis with a deck that both looks out onto nature's beauty and incorporates it into the area's overall

Decorative Elements
  • Vine-covered trellises
  • Rose-capped pergolas
  • Benches with side planters
  • Container gardens (do one of each: flower, herb, and vegetable)
  • Potted trees
  • Table-top fountains
  • Half-barrel water gardens
  • Wind chimes

Let's Party

The deck is the perfect place for any party. The star-filled sky or a breathtaking sunset adds an ambiance that's
unmatched by anything indoors.

Depending upon your region's climate, the deck can be a seasonal spot for special occasions or a year-round venue
where every gathering is enjoyed.

Decorative Elements

  • Multi-level decks with designated areas for cooking and dining
  • Built-in seating with flexibility for two or twenty
  • Professional-grade grills and outdoor ovens for serving up a summer barbeque or a Thanksgiving turkey

Outdoor Playroom

The deck can be the ideal playroom for children, stirring their innate curiosity of the natural world around them. It can
hone their imaginations, while keeping sticky fingerprints and messy snack foods outside.

Decorative Elements
  • Waterproof toy boxes
  • Arts and crafts tables sized for your kids
  • Waterproof bean bag chairs for story time
  • Easy access to a telescope for stargazing, binoculars for bird watching or a magnifying lens for bug exploring
  • Sandbox on wheels

Your outdoor space can easily be transformed to suit your personality and taste.  Remember to add those things that
you love to the space and you truly will enjoy time in it.

Good luck in your outdoor decorating projects this season!
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