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January 2010 Design Newsletter

Welcome to our January 2010 Newsletter from Wall Huggers

In this issue we will discuss,  How To Choose An Area Rug
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Practical beauty
colour schemes and hide unsightly flooring, such as worn hardwood or carpeting. Designs range from more traditional Persians
and French needlepoints to bold modern art rugs that come in almost every colour. Other practical benefits: rugs dampen
noise and can easily be moved from room to room or house to house.

Material and pattern
Where a rug is placed will influence your choice of material and pattern. For instance, before putting a rug under furniture,
consider whether or not it's suitable. A needlepoint rug, for example, should not be used under a dining table, where the
movement of chair legs could damage it. Instead, choose a hand-knotted Persian for its durability; its intricate pattern will also
camouflage stains.

When choosing a pattern, consider what works best with your decor. For example, a rug with a central-medallion design works
well in an open-seating arrangement or centred under furniture, such as a glass table, where the design will still be visible. In
rooms with awkward proportions, a rug with an overall pattern works best because it distracts attention from problem areas.

Pattern and colour can also create useful design illusions. For example, a rug with a horizontal-stripe pattern makes a narrow
space look wider, while a darkly coloured rug anchors furnishings in a room with a pale monochromatic scheme or minimalist
look, and provides a focal point for the room.

Choosing the best size
Antique rugs come in various sizes, while reproduction area rugs are available in a wide variety of standard sizes, from a two-
by three-foot mat to a 10- by 14-foot carpet. Modern designs can be custom made in almost any size. To determine the
maximum-size rug that will fit in a room, subtract three feet from the room's width and length, which will create a frame of
flooring between the rug and the walls. For a dining room, choose an area rug that is four feet wider and longer than your table
so that the chairs will remain on the carpet even when pulled out. For example, a 10- by 14-foot rug will fit under a table that
seats 12 people; an eight- by 10-foot rug will generally fit under a table that seats six to eight.

Using several small area rugs is especially effective in a large room or an open-concept space, such as a living/dining room.
Small rugs can help define areas, introduce structure, direct traffic flow and pull together an intimate seating arrangement,
such as a reading nook or conversation corner.

Choosing The Best Colour
If you are working with a current colour scheme in your room, incorporate these colours in your new rug.  If your new rug is the
starting point for your decorating scheme the sky is the limit.  Choose something that you simply love in colour and design and
then decorate your room around the rug.  You will be very surprised how easy your room will come together and since you
chose something you love, you will enjoy your time in the room.  

Whatever style, size, colour or texture you choose it will be a strong element in your room that pulls your room together.  A rug
also creates a focal point and grounds the area it is in.

Enjoy decorating with rugs and try different shapes and patterns to make your space one that you will love to be in.