#1  Love Your Bedroom

You spend a third of your life in bed (and, ahem, if you don't, you should). So why not love every
inch of it? Here are some tips anyone can use to make their bedroom a place they want to cozy up

1. Dress the walls and floors in comfort.
A beautiful bedroom is all about comfort, and that starts with the walls and the floors. First, paint
your bedroom in soothing colors that are on the muted end of the color spectrum, like charcoal
gray, baby blue. Then, add drapes around the windows. I'm a firm believer in floor to ceiling
drapes, it elongates the room, and makes your ceilings seem taller and grander. And you can shut
them for extra privacy. Finally, buy a cozy rug for the floor-think shag or an animal skin like
sheepskin. That way, when you step out of bed, the first thing your bare toes touch is pure and

2. Drape your bed in luxury.
Next, buy a set of soft sheets that make you want to climb into them at night (albeit sometimes you
won't want to get out of them in the morning, either). And don't go too far with your thread count:
Most sheets top off at softness when you reach a 500 thread count; so above that you're just
paying for bragging rights. Cover the bed with a fluffy down duvet, a wonderful wool blanket or a
soft cotton quilt. Then, toss a gorgeous throw onto the foot of the bed. A beautiful throw on a bed
sets the tone for comfort.

3. Soften the lighting.
Speaking of soft, you want your lighting to be just as calming. A dimmer is a lighting must-have for
everything from overhead ceiling lights (which aren't exactly the warmest lights to begin with) to
pendant lamps and table lamps beside the bed. I believe in tall table lamps because if you're
sitting up in bed reading, you can access the light coming through. Matching lamps is ideal, but
for an eclectic bedroom look, go ahead and mix lamps, provided there is some consistency,
either in height or color. One example of that would be to try different bases in matching shades.

4. Create a feeling of hotel suite grandeur.
If you have room, add a chair to a corner of your bedroom, which will make your room seem larger
- really, it will - and give it the feeling of a luxury suite. (And hey, you need someplace other than
the floor to toss your outfit outtakes!) With a larger room, consider an upholstered bench at the
foot of the bed. If my bedroom were bigger, I'd have a sofa and two chairs in there, like a hotel
suite. Also buy a headboard, they are making a huge comeback, especially ones that are custom
tufted, and they give your bedroom a completed look that a bed frame on its own can't.

5. Finally, add something you think is beautiful.
When you wake up, you want to see beautiful things. Maybe it's a painting on your wall or maybe
it's an antique quilt that hangs over a chair. I don't want all the things that make me smile hidden
at the bottom of my closet, I put a few of my favorites on display on my bedroom shelves, along
with a few art books, a couple of porcelain figurines and a pile of orange Hermes scarf boxes.
Basically, I turned the fashion I love so much into art. So be creative, but just keep the Manolo's
off the mantel.