May 2010 Design Newsletter

Welcome to our May 2010 Newsletter from Wall Huggers

In this issue we will discuss;  The Finishing Touches

Once you have the shell of your room just the way you want it, it's time to think about what finishing touches you'll add.
You have painted the walls, put up the window treatments, moved the furniture around, and cleaned up the mess. But why
doesn't the room look finished even though you think that the job of redecorating your room is done.

It just doesn't look finished! What to do?

Once you have the shell of your room just the way you want it, you're not done with the job. There are lots of finishing
touches that you can add to make the room look finished and welcoming. Some decorators feel that decorating a room or
home should always be a work in progress.   I totally agree with this!

Whether it takes a week, a month, or a whole lifetime, finding just the right finishing touches for a room is really the fun part
of decorating. You'll be adding the jewellery to the room, the personality that makes the room reflect who you are, what
your interests are, and where you've been.

Get some ideas from our list of finishing touches for decorating a room. Remember, you may never be finished, but you'll
have fun along the way.

  Plants and Flowers

It's amazing what a quick transformation can be made with fresh plants and flowers. You don't need to find something
dramatic and expensive. A simple plant potted in a decorative pot set on a coffee table, bookshelf, on top of a cabinet,
almost anywhere, adds life and colour instantly. Be sure to keep fresh plants shiny and dusted.  If a plant gets scraggly or
droopy, get rid of it! You might nurse it back to health, but not in your living space! If you just don't have time to tend plants
or if your room is dark, find some new artificial plants. These work great for out-of-reach spaces. But be sure to keep them
dusted and perky, too.

Expand on a Theme

Everyone has a special interest. Traveling, sports, pets, flowers, children, and even a favourite book or movie can all
provide focus for a room and offer ideas for adding finishing touches. By choosing a theme for your room, you'll know
what to zero in on and be able to select accessories, art, and colours to expand and enrich the theme.

Deck the Walls

Bare, boring walls get a real lift with a painting, colourful poster, collection of prints, or family photos. When working with
art, try to focus on a colour scheme or theme. Unify the works with common mat colors, similar coloured frames, and size
and shape. One large piece can create a focal point in a room, while a small collection of pieces draw the eye for a closer

  Get Grounded

A hardwood floor looks sleek and smooth, while wall to wall carpet adds softness and unifies large spaces. But an area
rug, placed on top of the flooring, can create a special focus, provide a boundary for furniture, and even divide a room into
several spaces without walls. Classic oriental rugs can be found to fit almost any decorating scheme and contemporary
patterned or colour-blocked rugs add colour and character to the floor and the room.

 Gather Together Some of Your Favourite Things

If you collect anything such as dolls, books, teapots, cameras, or sporting equipment, use the collection as a point of
interest. Gather the whole collection into one place or arrange the items around the room. Celadon plates, blue and white
porcelain, carved wooden pieces all offer themselves as works of art for a room. What do you love?

Combine Textures and Feel

Contemporary interiors are often sleek and smooth, while cottage style rooms are usually soft and snugly. For a really
interesting look and a comfortable feeling for a room, combine smooth and rough, shiny and matte, hard and soft in one
room. The contrasts will add interest and help to avoid a boring room.

  One Piece to Stand Out

Neutral walls and fabrics look clean and neat in a room. But to really draw someone's eye, add a punch of colour with lime
pillows, orange mats on black and white photos, a hand-painted piece of furniture on the main wall, an animal print
ottoman. Just one interesting accessory or piece of furniture will help make the room spectacular.

  Accessorize, Accessorize

Go around the house and gather everything that looks interesting. Clocks, books, flowers, figurines, pots, mugs, and
pictures really go a long way in brightening up a room. Try the pieces all around until you find just the right spot. Then if
you still have a bare tabletop, shop at stores or online for just the right piece. I am forever moving items around the house
until I have found the perfect
place to display them.

Spectacular Lighting

Instead of simple boring overhead lighting or a basic lamp, try for drama with interesting spot lights, ceiling track lighting,
and decorative lamps. Focus lighting on works of art, light up a dark corner on a bookshelf, and add dimmers to wall

 Old Architectural Elements

If you just don't want any more pictures, you might think about finding some pieces of architectural salvage. Place an
interesting old iron fence section on the wall behind the sofa, use corner shelf supports for a bookshelf, cut wide
baseboard moulding for a mirror frame, mount cut-glass door knobs to hang hats at the entry. These are just a few of the
ways you can use interesting old salvage pieces to decorate a new room. Check out garage sales and used furniture
stores, you may be surprised what you will find.

 One Unique Antique

Add character to a boring room with one unique antique piece. You'd be surprised how an old chair, side table, wall shelf,
lamp, or set of china will turn into a focal point and turn a room from drab to delightful.   Also if that antique has some
special meaning to you even better.

Always Keep Your Eyes Open!

Who knows when you might find something wonderful for your room? Make plans to shop flea
markets. Keep a list with you at all times with the items you're looking for or areas you'd like to
fill. You're bound to find just the right thing when you least expect it!  I have mine in my purse at
all times and a tape measure for good measure.
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