#4 Bedroom Save Or Splurge

The thrifty cook knows when ordinary olive oil suffices and when it's necessary to uncork the "good stuff."
After all, there's no point wasting expensive extra-virgin on the kids' chicken fingers. The same principles
that stretch the family food budget also invigorate the household decorating fund. There are times when
you simply must splurge to create the impact desired and other times when it's perfectly reasonable to
save a few dollars. Below I've highlighted areas where it's possible to save and others where spending
pays off when it comes to decorating your bedroom. Most of these tips work for every room in the house.

Where to splurge

Fine bedding is the last thing you feel as you drift off and the first thing you're aware of as you awake.
Don't settle for anything less than the absolute best you can afford.

Couture pillow fabrics transform even the most generic bedding into a custom-coordinated style
statement. Source quality remnants from fabric retailers. For an 18-inch square pillow, you'll need only
about three-quarters of a yard of fabric, so go ahead and treat yourself. • Quality upholstery is always a
smart investment. A classic lounge chair, can be repurposed at any time in any room in the house.

Original art is a worthwhile investment that injects a room with personality -- a key ingredient for truly
successful design projects. Although you're likely to spend $200 and up for small oil paintings, there are
other affordable options, like original prints, photography and watercolours. Attend local art fairs and
annual exhibits of projects by fine arts students.

Where to save

Ready-made draperies offer considerable savings and work well for most relatively standard windows.
Visit retailers who offer ready made draperies and before shopping take detailed measurements of the
window and its exact location within the full wall.  Also if you are working with other fabrics in the room,
take a sample piece with you to help coordinate your drapes with the room.

Affordable lamps are available at large retailers across Canada. HomeSense, The Home Depot and IKEA
have excellent selections.  You may even get away with just buying new shades for a whole new look to
the lamp.  

An upholstered headboard you cover yourself -- if you are a do it yourself person this is a great way to
achieve a great focal point in your room and also a budget friendly alternative to buying a handcrafted
solid wood headboard. You won't sacrifice an ounce of style, and you'll love the comfort of it while sitting
in bed.

Garage sale finds like side tables are instantly renewed with spray paint. Opt for fresh white to improve
the style quotient. Add new hardware, and you'll save big without skimping on style.

Accessories are readily available at any price point, so here's where you can be thrifty. Wait for sales,
buy end-of-season remainders and source retailers like HomeSense for great bargains.

Remember to always put things in your room that you LOVE and you will be
happy in your room and surroundings.