Wall Huggers Pricing

At Wall Huggers we make custom upholstered wall panels to be used for; headboards, wall
treatments, seating areas, decorative accents.

If you view a photo in our
gallery of photos and you are interested in an item we have
completed, we encourage you to contact our office to discuss pricing.

Our pricing is based on the item being made up for you and when quoted to you will include all
costs including; purchase price, shipping, taxes, customs (if applicable for USA shipments).  All
pricing on this website and in our quotes is in Canadian Dollars.

Our timeline on custom orders is now 4-8 weeks from date of order (this is based on small to
large projects completed).

We do have special items that are ready to ship and if you are interested in viewing these
please visit our
Specials page.  

Thanks and feel free to
contact our office today!

Connie Beland
Made in Canada
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