How are they Hung on the Wall?

This is the most asked question by our customers.  Our panels are made with custom metal wall clips that are attached on the
wall with screws supplied by us.

Your panels will come with the clips already attached to the back and you will be supplied with all of the hardware and instructions to hang
them.  You are also supplied with a special paper template that you simply hold up to the wall and mark where you have to hang the clips.  

The tools you will need are; drill with drill bit, Roberts screwdriver, level, pencil and tape measure.  

I tell all of my customers,
"if I can do it, then you can do it."

Here is a testimonial from one of our customers;

"We love them.  Ted was concerned we would have a problem installing them, however we had no problem at all.  The
template is just the ticket."

Donna Lynne L, St. Clements, Ontario