How do I know what size of Panel to order?

We make seven standard sizes of panels for you to select from.  The panel size you choose is based on; appearance and wall

For customers who are using the panels as a headboard you first have to know the width of your mattress and how high you want your
Headboard to go.

Here are the standard mattress widths;

Twin/Single                39" or 99 cm
Double                       54" or 137 cm
Queen                        60" or 152 cm
King                            76" or 193 cm
California King          72" or 110 cm

Now determine the look you want.  If you are unsure, please have a look at our Gallery of Pictures.  Also another determining factor is
Budget.  We have fabrics and panels that will work within most budgets.

Our panels come in seven sizes and the rectangle panels can be hung both horizontal and vertical.  This makes them versatile when
determining your panel orientation.

For example, on a Queen bed with a width of 60", you can use the following panels;

Three wide Amanda panel 20"x20"
Two wide Lorna panel 30"x20" (hung horizontal)
Three wide Lorna panel 20"x30" (hung vertical)
Three wide Gwendolyn panel 20"x40" (hung vertical)
Two wide Eddy panel 30"x30"
Two wide Robert panel 30"x40" (hung vertical)
One Christine panel 60"x30"

As you can see, it is up to you how you want to hang your panels and the look you want to achieve.

If you are having a problem in determining your needs, please
Contact Us and we would be pleased to assist you.