Gwendolyn Upholstered Headboard
Amanda Upholstered Headboard
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Below are our Standard Panels available.  Please click on any picture for
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Pictures & Specifications.

All our work is professionally constructed to produce a quality custom product!
Eddy Upholstered Headboard
Lorna Upholstered Headboard
We feel that Wall Huggers can help you with the following problems;

  • You recently changed your bed size and your Headboard no longer fits
  • You have updated your mattress yet another time and the height of the mattress is burying
    your Headboard
  • You live in a small space such as a condo and there is no room to move in your bedroom
  • You have an old, hard headboard that is not comfortable to sit up against in bed
  • You have an outdated headboard that no longer works with your decor
  • You enjoy reading and watching TV in bed, and you don't have something comfortable to lean
  • You have a Craftmatic or Ultramatic adjustable bed that your headboard does not fit on
  • You have a bench seating area in your home that really needs something comfortable to lean
  • You have a media room that could use some sound absorbing qualities
  • You have a child's room that could use a soft, stable Headboard
  • You have a guest room that has a naked bed without a Headboard

This is just a few of the areas where you could use Wall Huggers in your Home.

Your panels are available in two different styles;
 Box Stitch Corner and Knife Edge Corner.

You also can add buttons or custom nailheads to your panels at your request.  Our buttons are custom covered in the same
fabric as the panel unless otherwise indicated.  The button sizes are 1 1/2" & 3/4" and there is an additional fee for this.

All of our panels are made Custom per order which means we do not stock completed panels.  Our service is custom so you can
select the perfect fabric to have on your panels to best suit your room.

Please allow
4-6 weeks for delivery of your completed panels.
Robert Upholstered Headboard
Scott Upholstered Headboard
Christine Upholstered Headboard
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