What type of a bed or mattress do I need for them?

Our wall panels are made to hang on any flat, interior wall surface.  The type of mattress and bed you would need to work with them would

1.  Standard mattress and metal bed frame on wheels
2.  Platform bed
3.  Mattress on the floor

Almost any configuration where you mattress is lying either on the floor or on a support system where it can be pushed against the wall
and your panels hung above it.  You also can hang our panels from the floor to the ceiling if that is what you are looking for.

If you are wondering, "where can I find a good mattress and bed frame?"  I would recommend visiting
Sleep Country Canada for our
Canadian customers. They have a great selection of mattresses and can also provide the bed frame to use with it.

Whatever you have in your room, as long as you have a mattress that is stable and can be pushed into the position you want against the
wall, our Wall Huggers will work for you.