Will my bed move around without an attached Headboard?

This is a misconception.  There are millions of beds in North America that don't have Headboards.  Most of the beds are on metal bed
frames with wheels.  If your bed is on carpet there should be no problem.  If you are on a solid floor such as hardwoods you can lock the
wheels or buy
rubber furniture grippers that will hold your bed in place.

The purpose of the Headboard is to give you support in bed.  With most headboards attached to the bed you will find that they will move
when you lean against them and also you will find it very difficult to move the bed for cleaning.  I know, as I used to have a heavy sleigh
bed.  I actually had to take the bed apart to clean around it.  Needless to say, I did not do this as often as I wished.

You also don't have to have a Headboard attached to hold the frame together.  Just ask any mattress supplier their opinion.  They sell
bed frames to customers every day for the sole purpose of supporting the mattress without a Headboard attached.